Snaphu tutorial

Hello every one …Anyone have tutorial for install and work for new version of snaphu ? and what mean or how can don"t this phrase (( Test your installation by running snaphu in a console)…?I found some tutorial to work with new snaphu but it use Vmware workstation program and upload it here …Thanks for everyone1.pdf (822.8 KB)

just download and extract the package. The exe file is in the \bin folder. Add this bin folder to your PATH variable as described here:

You can then run snaphu from every folder by the command shell

Thanks my friend ABraun …but I make all steps and add bin folder to my path…however I do unwrapped with VMware player program as shown in PDF folder that I upload.
My question : In your PDF to install snaphu you said ((Unzip SNAPHU data to C:\Temp)), so only make folder on C drive with name Temp and Unzip snaphu inside it?? or unzip snaphu in other place??
I found error in this step as shown in picture

The location where you place it is not important, only that Windows finds snaphu.exe

You no longer need virtual machines or cygwin, snaphu 1.42 is compiled for Windows

But i download the new version and not have exe. file? are you have any tutorial about it ? or can you make PDF tutorial
like that file you made it with name (Installation_SNAPHU_English_ABraun).

please check your download, there is certainly a snaphu.exe in the bin folder:

I found like this picture but when I click on snaphu (Third file) it work and turn off immediately…

The reason why it closes is described here: Import Unwrapped result back into SNAP for terrain correction
How you can correctly run it is described here: DInSAR result scale