Snaphu unexpected exit after unwrapping 3 columns

Hi all.

I’m relatively new to SNAP and the interferometric world. I’ve been using SNAP to do some interferometric processing on Sentinel-1 images with the end goal being DEM creation.

At the moment, I’m stuck on the phase unwrapping stage using snaphu. I’ve got it up and running on cmd on my windows machine (hp Intel Core i5-5300U CPU @ 2.30GHz), but the unwrapping seems to stop after 3 columns with the following error message: ‘Unexpected or abnormal exit of child process 5036. Abort’.

I’ve tried using just a subset of the Sentinel-1 phase/coherence files, as I thought it might be a memory issue, but this doesn’t seem to help at all. I’ve also tried increasing the number of tiles in the snaphu.conf file, with the same result.

I’ve attached a screen shot, below.

Any ideas?

I have a same question!!! BUT I use iMac running under terminal. My unwrapping step also stop at 3 columns with the following error message: ‘Unexpected or abnormal exit of child process 12540. Abort’.

Hello, I am also having the same problem. Some pairs with 1 master worked fine, but when I tried to create a pair using different master, I am having the same error. Did you guys solve it? Can you please tell me?

Thank you!

I had the same trouble! And I was just about to post here the same question, but then I tried by shortening the name of the file (and the folder created for unwrapping) and it worked.
I also used larger number of tiles, overlap and threshold for snaphu export, than the default ones.

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For unwrapping of importance is the RAM one have on the computer. If you try to process large area and have let say 8 GB the result could be like the reported. One could try smaller pieces by sub-setting the processed image.

Thank you very much Ailin, i applied your suggestion and its worked. I shortening the name of the file wit only 5 characters (example “SEPek”), also used number of tiles (default 10 changes to 20), overlap (0 to 2) and threshold (500 to 1000). thank you very much Ailin