SNAPHU Unwrapping Error

Hello there.
I am facing an error while unwrapping the interferogram with SNAPHU Unwrapping plugin on windows (64 bit).
When I start the unwrapping process after snaphu export the execution does not get completed to 100% but it suddenly vanishes after 9%.


unwrapping execution.4

Then I face an error in SNAPHU Import


I have attached all the screenshots of the process chain that I have performed. I want to ask that is there anything I am missing doing these tasks, or I am not correctly doing these tasks?
I am doing these tasks on IW2 swath mode.
Please help me find out the solution.

If you follow this tutorial, is that working ?

I discovered that sometime snaphu can stop to unwrap, and seems to be linked with a bad coregistration or low coherence product (to much forest for example).
Interferometry cannot occurs everywhere, it have to get a minimum coherency between pairs of SAR.

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@AriJeannin thank you so much for your kind input in this regard.
the tutorial link you have provided is not working, maybe it is expired or not working for any other reason.
If you can provide any updated link or tutorial I will be very grateful to you.

Okay maybe linked like that:

Thanks a lot, Now I got that.
I will try to follow this guide.

After following your suggested guide I Still got the same error in Snaphu Import.

in your screenshot I see subset_0_of S1A…

If you want to make a subset before unwarapping, make sure that you use this subset for both the snaphu export and the import. As the red error message says, the raster products of 1-ReadPhase and 2-ReadUnwrappedPhase must have the same dimensions.

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