SNAPHU Unwrapping

teniendo mi fase desenvuelta como se que lugares no has sufrido deformacion?

como sé que zonas no has sufrido deformación?

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ok, sorry is the custom.

my question is how do I determine which zone has not suffered deformation? or on what basis do I choose that area? what is the procedure?

Sr. I want to know. How can I descompose the deformation value?.
for differentiate the deformation horizontal and vertical

this is discussed here:

Hi, i want know, what is the range of error of the formula (Unw_Phase_ifg_date * .056) / (-4 * PI * cos(rad(incident_angle)?

the only variable which potentially includes errors is the unwrapped phase. If your interferogram is bad (low coherence, no fringes) the unwapping will result in weird patterns (or no patterns at all), and consequently, the formula won’t make it any better afterwards.

But those errors are corrected by the program, processing until the interferogram is obtained?

No, as you continue with the processed products, the error persists.

Sir, which software did you use to produce those two maps ? and the colour visualization pattern used too ?

which software did you use to make the map and the other layout elements ? :slight_smile:

the link which you have given, it is not loading.

the materials were all moved to the EO college:

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hi, Abraun. Is there any procedure for to do a analisis of all the unwraping phases and have one value of displasament?

well, you can calculate the displacements for different image pairs and then sum up the values of each pixel, as displayed in the last sliedes of the tutorial.

what tutorial?

It was mentioned above:
“Subsidence monitoring (NEST)“

what is the procedure?

I am referring to the slide where pins are used at selected locations to extract, compare and visualize the displacement for different time intervals.