Snappy against a large geotiff file

When running the GLCM from snappy against a large geotiff file of 4.2 GB, we get this error , Java max ram size was also changed to 28 GB on my PC.

Any comment plz!

You’re hitting the maximum size of the TIFF file-format, use BigTIFF instead.

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Thanks for ur reply. I get the error when I change to bigtiff. :confused:
And I am wondering whether bigtiff will reduce the quality of the image or we might miss some metadata info by doing so.:open_mouth:

By the way, the input is still in geotiff (over 4 Gb), but the output is stored in bigtiff .However, it doesn’t accept it!

As format name you should use GeoTIFF-BigTIFF
In WriteProduct - where to find allowed formatName you find a python scripts which prints all format names and the default extensions of the product reader and writer.

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