Snappy and SNAP 10 release?


I just spotted that there are some new instructions for snappy with SNAP version 10 ( Great to see snappy is getting an update to work with more recent python versions. Just wondering if there is a release date for SNAP 10? I have to update some old code which uses snappy bindings, so I’m wondering whether it’s worth waiting for this release before I do it.



Yes, it is probably worth the wait. The release is currently scheduled for end of June.

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Ok great, thanks for the quick reply!

will this new version support on mac os Ventura and future mac os releases without any modification to netbeans platform?

SNAP 10 will work fine on Ventura and other already released macos versions. For future versions, the SNAP Team can’t promise as they don’t know what Apple might change.

Hello everyone,
I don’t know if this is the right topic, correct me if I am wrong. Recentrly i struggled on installing snappy
on a Docker Ubuntu:20.04 machine and after some hours I found a working way and I developed an easy setup Gitlab Repository.

For anyone who like to install snappy 8.0 can search on Gitlab the repository JohnCrabs/ installation_ESA_snappy and I hope it helps the community until the new release :slight_smile:.

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Hi @marpet, is there any update for the release of SNAP 10?


@mengdahl answered this question here:

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Hi, is there any update on this?

Thanks and regards,
Vincent Markiet

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@marpet, @ABraun Any idea when the next release is scheduled to be launched?

@Marco_EOM This is the new connection for Marco. I also have the same query. Thanks.

I can’t say anything regarding the release schedule because I’m not part of the development team anymore.
But from looking at the GitHub repository and reviewing the recent commits I guess it will take 2 or 4 more weeks.


currently November, anyone knows when will be the release?

Dear @josbel96,

At the moment, we cannot provide a release date, but we are actively working on the new SNAP version. We appreciate your patience and hope to have it available soon.

Any new info about the release?

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