Snappy coherence operators does not accept argument "squarePixel"

Hey there,

the problem is as simple as follows: When I try to calculate the coherence via snappy specifying the range window (parameter: cohWinRg) and setting the squarePixel flag to True, instead of calculating the azimuth window appropriately, snappy simple applies the default cohWinAz=10 leading to non-square pixels.

params = snappy.HashMap()
params.put("cohWinRg", 11)
# params.put("cohWinAz", 3)
params.put("squarePixel", True)
params.put("subtractFlatEarthPhase", True)
params.put("subtractTopographicPhase", True)
params.put("demName", "Copernicus 30m Global DEM")
coherence = snappy.GPF.createProduct(
    "Coherence", params, coregistered_stack

Only when I uncomment the line explicitly specifying the azimuth window (as calculated manually), the correct output with square pixels is obtained.

Is my specification of the operator in snappy wrong or is this a bug in the SNAP Python API?

Thanks ahead