Snappy configuration failed with exit code 30(SNAP 8.0 + Python3.6.8)

Hello everyone, recently I need to use ESA SNAP snappy to batch process Sentinel 1 data. The following problems occurred when configuring Python and snappy:
The Python version is Python3.6.8
The SNAP version is SNAP 8.0
Computer Operating System: Win10
The content of the error is ‘Snappy configuration failed with exit code 30’
When I follow the content of the error report and the prompt, I will locate jpy-0.9.0-cp36-cp36m-win in the directory D:\Python\Python36\Lib\site-packages\snappy\lib. When jpy-0.9.0-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl is opened, the file contents are as follows:

In addition, the following is the process of installing the software and configuring snappy and python:

I don’t know where the problem is, I hope you can help me solve this problem, thank you very much!

Have you tried the solution of the previous similar error report?

If you run the simple test from Configure Python to use the SNAP-Python (snappy) interface in a terminal you may get additional detail that can be pasted as text.

Note: Whenever possible, please post error messages, etc. as inline text. Your images are hard to view on a laptop screen and the text is not searchable so your post is invisible to future users with similar problems.

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On my Windows 10 (Python 3.6.5 from SenET, SNAP 8.0.8 64-bit, JDK 17.0.1, apache-maven-3.8.3)

“ERROR: Configuration failed with exit code 30”

in fact means that snappy is installed and works. It’s just that imports succeed only from the second time:

    from snappy import ProductIO, Product, ProductData, ProductUtils, String
except RuntimeError:
    print('trying second time')

from snappy import ProductIO, Product, ProductData, ProductUtils, String
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