Snappy: CreateStack - Programmatically Find Optimal Master

Hi everyone.
I’m working with snappy wrapper to apply coregistration a number of input images.
It is not clear to me how to reproduce the call to “Find Optimal Master” button programmatically.

The options of CreateStack are:

  • params name=masterBandNames; alias=masterBands
  • params name=slaveBandNames; alias=sourceBands
  • params name=resamplingType; alias=None
  • params name=extent; alias=None
  • params name=initialOffsetMethod; alias=None

This is the python code:

def create_stack(products):
parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put(‘resamplingType’, None)
parameters.put(‘initialOffsetMethod’, ‘Product Geolocation’)
parameters.put(‘extent’, ‘Master’)
return GPF.createProduct(‘CreateStack’, parameters, products)

Which of these should I tune (and how) to automatically retrieve the optimal master in snappy?
Thanks in advance


Dear @ziudeso,
have you found a solution for this? I am dealing with the same problem and I haven’t yet any information about it on the forum.

Kind regards,
S. Savastano

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Nothing yet =(