Snappy installation trouble

Hello Everyone,

As many of you want to install the Snappy in my PC , I followed I lot of method mentioned here in this forum and some other out of this site but I didn’t succeeded to compile Snappy to work with SNAP!??

I have never seen working interface of Snappy(SNAP)? :frowning:

I tried to install it directly from ( pip install snappy )
and it works as figured below,

and this is the interface of the soft

my question is : is that the desired Snappy that we want to configure with SNAP?

If not, please can any one make a detailed tuto answering a tens of people and help them to easy install it.

Thank you in advance

SnapPy is not the SNAP snappy. SNAP snappy is a Python module that you can use in your own Python scripts. When you install SNAP it asks if you want to configure snappy. To do that it needs the path to your Python. After SNAP is installed, it runs the <SNAP_DIR>/bin/snappy-confscript with the path you entered. If you are not already familiar with Python you should begin with some basic tutorials (a number of good videos and other material are available on the WWW).

The default is to install SNAP snappy at ~/.snap/snap-python/snappy. The snappy-conf script writes a log file to the snappy directory. If the installation failed, the should indicate what went wrong (but often says it in ways that can be hard to interprete).

There have been some problems when upgrading from a previous installation of SNAP, but the most common problems are choosing a Python program that does not meet the requirements of SNAP snappy
(e.g., 64-bit Python with 32-bit SNAP, or Python version other than 2.7 or 3.4). If you really need a different Python version, you will have to build a suitable jpy binary wheel. Instructions are given in the log if you run snappy-conf with a Python version that is not supported.

Once you have succesfully installed SNAP snappy you can test it with scripts and data provided in the
~/.snap/snap-python/snappy directory.