Snappy name conflict with another package called snappy

Is it known that snappy as a package already exists and results in major conflicts with snap esa snappy?
I am currently building machine learning models for predicting NDVI and i imported the rapidsai package cuml
It calls somewhere snappy.compress, but it is trying to access the SNAP ESA snappy. instead of the snappy used for compressing

It would be nice if this issue would be addressed as the pip install snappy (python-snappy) overwrites the snap esa snappy package as well.

Apparently what you can do (in Ubuntu 20.04):
If you are using anaconda like me

  • \home<user>\anaconda3\envs<your-env>\lib\python3.7\site-packages\
  • create a new folder called esa_snappy
  • move snappy (not python-snappy ofc) to the esa_snappy folder

In python import snappy like:

import esa_snappy.snappy

Should do the trick

Configure Python to use the SNAP-Python snappy interface gives an example of editing Python scripts to "append <snappy-dir> to the sys.path variable in your Python code before importing snappy. This allows you leave snappy in the original location and has the advantage that it forces you to be explicit about which “snappy” is being used.