Snappy or Sen2Cor - NDVI calculation

Hi Friends,

I have installed latest version of SNAP 6.0 , sentinelhub 2.0.0 and sen2cor (via SNAP 6).

I have downloaded Sentinel - 2 L1C product using Python 3.6 & sentinelhub 2.0.0.

Now, using Python scripts (3.4.3) and SNAP 6 via snappy module , I would like to :

  • Convert L1C to L2A with Atmospheric Correction.
  • Gather Band info to calculate NDVI to assess Vegetation levels

I am confused whether I should use sen2cor or snappy with GPF , could someone please help me?
Can I use SNAP command line via snappy in Python to do atmospheric correction? Or should i rely completely on sen2cor ?

I am stuck since 1 week on this confusion on what interfaces to use for what purpose. :frowning:

Dear @marpet, Could you please guide me on the right path?

Also, where can I find the basics tutorials for coding this part via command line?


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