Snappy problem

I have used the instrcutions how to install and configure snappy but when i try to run the following commands

from snappy import ProductIO
import numpy as np

I get the followng error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File β€œ<pyshell#6>”, line 1, in
from snappy import ProductIO
ImportError: No module named snappy

Any ideas?

More details would be helpful (OS, python version, whether you installed using administrative privileges, etc. – How to Report Bugs Effectively). Once snappy has been configured, you have a choice (quoting snappyutil.log):

When using SNAP from Python, either do: sys.path.append('<home>/.snap/snap-python/snappy') or copy the snappy module into your Python's 'site-packages' directory.

Since you don’t appear to have the sys.path.append('<home>/.snap/snap-python/snappy') line in your
python commands, you may have copied the module to the wrong location or it could be right place with bad permissions.

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