Snappy python problem

Hi… I’m using the snappy in the python…

By looking the previous articles, i’ve tried to install jpyutil but still cannot import snappy

This is the folder (.snap/snap-python/snappy)

This is setting the environment variable with _.bash_profile

i just tried this

import sys
import snappy

but it shows that error message with No module named joy
Could anybody can give comments on this problem?

I miss some files and folders in your snappy dir. This is how mine looks like after calling snappy-conf.

Which Python version do you have in use or do you use anaconda?

I use python 2.7 and mac

Do you think my jpy procedure is problem?

Yes, it seems somehow jpy isn’t properly installed. Have you build jpy on your own following the Readme?
Using a more recent python (3.3 or so) might help too.


Thank you for helping

I’ve succeeded in installing jpy but the command
$mvn clean deploy -DsiptTests=true
showed failure…

Do you have any suggestion for me

Don’t call deploy as you don’t have the right to deploy to our server.
Just do mvn clean install