Snappy Python SAR processing options


I want to create a workflow (in python) that will run several SNAP (Snappy?) SAR processing utilities, on Alos2 SAR data.
Are all the utilities that exist on the GUI can be run in python?
I would like to preform speckle filtering, followed by polarimetric decomposition and Terrain Correction.
Are these options exist in the Snappy API?
Can someone direct me to an example or the syntex for such a workflow?



I think there is a new version of SNAP that might make snappy integration easier, but it’s been delayed for many months already.

I have integrated snappy successfully, but I suggest delving into gpt first. It is simpler to run gpt with subprocess than it is to get snappy running in your Python environment. And you’ll need to have knowledge of the gpt tools anyway. I’m not at my computer but will try to get you some links tomorrow.

A link will be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Also, what do you mean run gpt as subprocess?

Have a look at this post, it shows you how to run the command line SNAP tool, GPT, with Python. This is probably the easiest way to use SNAP. Use Python to make the file names and pass it to a tool, then use the expected output file name to pass it to the next tool, etc…

Hi @cndnflyr, thanks again for your replay.
I might be wrong, but think you might have forgotten to attach the link to the post…
Am I missing somthing?
Thanks Omri

Yes! My apologies