Snappy - RuntimeError for some RADARSAT-2 SGF products

I need help debugging the following issue.
I can successfully open RADARSAT-2 (RS2) SLC products using the snappy bindings, but it frequently (but not always) fails to read SGF files.

import snappy
p = snappy.ProductIO.readProduct('/data/level-1/')

Couldn't seek!

I get this error both when reading the zip-file directly and when I’ve unzipped the files and try to open the /full/path/to/unzipped/product.xml .

I can open the same product in the GUI without problems.
Tested this using Ubuntu 16.04 (8GB RAM) and Ubuntu 17.04 (32GB RAM).

Maybe you need to change the memory settings for snappy.

Could you check if the following helps?

That seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much!