SNAPPY RuntimeError

Hi, i am trying to use SNAPPY for Biophysical operators. But when i want to read a product via ProductIO.readproduct(), i am getting the error in image. Is there anybody encountered the same problem before? How can i solve this problem.

I met the same problem, after the 8.0.7 updated, the original code of snappy cant use.
It cant open the .zip file

@ABraun MR.ABraun, can you please give some advise?

as you can see, it is none. :joy: or get back to 8.0.3, im sure 8.0.3 woirks

And an interesting result, when the path is not very long, it works

when it is a little bit long, it does not work…

if its not the limitation of input str, try a shorter str, I think

Sorry, I’m not experienced much with snappy, maybe @marpet has an idea.

THank you anyway

@marpet Mr.marpet, can you please give us some advise?

The path length error could be related to this issue reported here:

But this was actually fixed in SNAP 8.0.4
[SNAP-1436] JP2 reader - use shorter file names for decompressed tiles - JIRA (

The only explanation I have for the ZipFileSystemBuilder problem is that a JDK version hgher then 8 is used.
This is known: [SNAP-1441] Evaluate effort to replace ZipFileSystem in ZipFileSystemBuilder - JIRA
This will be solved when we move to one of the recent JDK versions