Snappy / SNAP 6.0 product file reading bug

Hi there,

I experience a peculiar error when trying to read S3 OLCI NRT products using snappy / Snap 6.0 / python 2.7: If the name of the containing folder contains an underscore (’_’) in the 13. position, snappy will crash with a nondiscriptive error message (“Cannot read product file”). Unfortunately, this is the case in the default naming convention (naming example see below):

changing the containing folder name to, e.g. (notice the ‘X’):

solves the problem.
Best regards, mno

Update: It seems that the problem arose due to me editing the folder name in the first place (by removing the processing facility ID). So, actually, it does work with the default naming. One just has to make sure to leave the directory name absolutely untouched (at least, not change the number of underscores).

Cheers, mno