Snow Water Equivalent

Hello everyone!
I am looking forward to working on Estimation of Snow water equivalent using Sentinel 1 dataset. Can anyone help me with any literature regarding the same?
Thank you.

A Google Scholar search finds some references:,5&as_ylo=2015

Thankyou very much. But this is just an abstract. If you are aware of any algorithm that might help in estimating the snow water equivalent using Sentinel1 data,please throw some light .

empirical transfer functions exist for SSM/I at a spatial resolution of several kilometers which use the difference of 19 and 37 GHz channels:

  • SnowDepth = 2.0 * (BT19h - BT37h) - 8.0
  • SnowWaterEquivalent = 0.676 + 0.171 * (BT19v - BT37v)


I computed it for the Tibetan plateau once and it seem feasible
The color scale is bad and masking out areas of no snow cover is required as well.

But, similar to soil moisture, finding such easy relationships for high-resolution SAR data is way more complicated because they contain more information on roughness, incidence angle, ect…