Soil Moisture Mapping Using S1_SLC product and s1tx

but in my my case vector from CSv is not active

you have to select the name of a product in the product view for the options to become active.

Dear @Anna2,
maybe you can try using TXT format

ya it works now but it it says

can you please share your CSV here?
It is probably not formatted correctly.

Yah… well first I am too. You can try this


Hana.csv (782 Bytes)

You need to have a header file and use tabs as delimiters instead of comma

Format it like this and it works: Hana.csv (791 Bytes)

oh you helped me a lot thank you now it is working

and what is the problem of this

what coordinate reference system did you select?
Your coordinates look like UTM to me, at least no geographical coordinates. If you select the wrong reference system during the import SNAP will place the points at the wrong location. Depends on how you collected the points and in which coordinate system.

you are right they are in UTM

when i change it to UTM like you told me it is loaded and I want to extract backs catering coefficient and incidence angle for these points and make a correlation graph will you help me with that?

to be able to make a correlation, your table must include the soil moisture measurements already before the input. Once you have imported them, you can start the correlative plot view tool which extracts the raster values from the selected data and plots them against the column of your choice (moisture in your case).

It is probably better to continue here: Backscatter values extracted and make regression analysis

Hi ABraun I was trying to make a CSV file format to my ground soil moisture data based on SNAP as you told me but when i import it SNAP is rejecting it i have tried to make it look like yours but i don’t get the problem will you help me with this please

please upload it here and I will have a look what is wrong with it.

anna.csv (339 Bytes)

it works without the " around each line: anna_v2.csv (307 Bytes)

am sorry but what do you mean by " around each line:

sorry, I meant the quotation marks

not good: