soil moisture mapping using UAVSAR

hi.I’m new with polsarpro and I would like to process GRD format of UAVSAR data in it.could anyone help me please?

I have documented my steps to import UAVSAR into PolSARpro here, please have a look: Polsarpro 6.0 error

@ABraun thanks a lot

@ABraun when I use arc map to load my geodatabase is like:

but when I use envi tu load my geodatabase is like the picture below and I don’t know which file should I import

how could I import my processed UAVSAR in any software and import my geodatabase too , to know the image value and pixel value of specific point?

I don’t know if ENVI can read the GDB format, because it was developed by ESRI.
Seems to be partly supported:

Where did you process your UAVSAR data so far? If you worked on it in PolSAR pro, you apply the range doppler terrain correction (in the SNAP menu), then you have a geocoded raster.

Hi.I want to know incidence angle information of UAVSAR data.could any one help me how can I access it?envi radar has option as the image but I don’t know how can I access to near and far range angle of UAVSAR data!

Depending on the product level you find information on the indicence angle and the number of pixels (samples and lines) in the metadata file.

@ABraun thanks for your answer but when I open the inc file in envi the error is:

Do you know is there any other way to have incidence angle of UAVSAR data?

where did you get your data from and what product level did you download?


I got my data from jpl.nasa wbsite and I downloaded the incidence angle and grd format of data.could I ask where did you search and have the link that you took a picture?

ASF Data Search