Soil Moisture with Snappy

Hello, everyone! :smiley:
I would like to implement a script in python using Snappy to calculate soil moisture content but I’m not finding anything usefu, do any of you have any advice for me?
Thank you!

Have you had a look at the NDVI example? (

note that you will soon find out that it is much more efficient to define a graph and to call it from python, than to do the all the operations through Snappy - this due to the way that the bridge is created between snappy (Python interpreter) and snap (Java Virtual Machine).

Btw, from which mission/data do you want to create the soil moisture? Do you know that ESA has a Soil Moisture mission that perhaps can fit your needs (which could be the case if you don’t want high-resolution).

Hello @cristianoLopes!

Thank you for your reply. I realized that I was not clear in my first question. I would like to accomplish this using only SAR data, that’s why I am using Snappy. Preferably I want to use L-band SAR, but I have not yet decided on the specific mission, maybe ALOS-2.

You can get some ideas from this Sentinel-Hub custom script, look at the full description specially supplementary materials.

Their code can give a good idea of what kind of operations you may need to do. This will involve quite a bit of calculations to calculate backscatter and then do historic statistics for the area of interest.