Soil moisture

Hi, can anyone help me, i determined soil moisture using vegetation indices.
What characteristics can affect soil moisture ?
And by what methods they could be detected, expect vegetation indices?

Thank you for your reply.

suggests two moisture indices:

  • GVMI Global Vegetation Moisture Index
    ((N + 0.1) - (S2 + 0.02)) / ((N + 0.1) + (S2 + 0.02))
  • NDMI Normalized Difference Moisture Index
    (N - S1)/(N + S1)

Where for Sentinel-2
N is NIR maps to band B8
S1 is SWIR1 maps to band B11
S2 is SWIR2 maps to band B12

but it’s hard to tell if they relate directly to soil

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I mean, are there are some other characteristics of the area that affect soil moisture ? If yes,they can be evaluated using remote sensing too ?

There is a direct relationship between GNDVI and Chlorophyll-a. If the vegetation has a patch of high GNDVI/Chlorophyll-a then the Soil Moisture Content is more often higher than the surrounding soil. I use this concept to detect if there is a potential leak in an irrigation channel. Works successfully. Email me at and I can send you the Methodology from my thesis (MSc).

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