Soil texture

hi! any one here can help me how to do with sentinel 1 product to get a nice result about soil texture !!!
have you any i dead about how to do it i need answers please

First you need to know where is the bare soil in the product. Mask everything else out. Calibrate and run the Haralick texture analysis.
The easiest way would be to start with the land cover mask from Globcover. This will give you a coarse land cover mapping. If you want something more precise to your scene you’ll need to look into creating your own classification.

do you know some index to show the soil and hide every thing else , do you think i need to work with GRDH or SLC ?

can i do a classification polarimetric for sentinel 1 product ??

I think (s)he means soil texture as in separating different soils by their sand - silt and clay fraction (which is called texture), not Haralick texture. You can do so only indirectly, by looking at the dynamics in soil moisture content and typical soil roughness regimes. For instance, if you have a sudden frost period in winter, clay soils will show a larger drop in backscattering than sandy soils. Clay soils, when ploughed, are usually much more rough (higher backscattering when equally wet) than sandy soils. Combining with optical to delineate soil surface spectral properties of bare field helps as well. And correlate to local weather events (drought, frost, significant rain events, etc.).

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there is but a description of glcm operator in snap help but no operator as such. where do i use it from?

it’s in Raster/Image Analysis/Texture Analysis

Have you processed SMAP (soil moisture active passive) data ? I am new to it so don’t know if it could be processed using snap or not