Spatial bookmarks

I was just wondering if it is possible in SNAP to create a bookmark such that, when clicked, moves the view to a specific extent (i.e. center lat/lon and zoom ratio)?

I use this frequently in QGIS (View > New Bookmark) and ArcGIS (Bookmarks > Create Bookmark) but haven’t been able to find anything similar in SNAP…

If it is not available, can anyone suggest a good method for returning to an exact extent after panning/zooming around? I’d like to be able to do this because I often use the “Export View as Image” option for quick export to jpg for use in presentations, etc.

Thomas, It’s on our todo list for 2017. Currently, you can do it with Pins but it will be specific for that product and not global to all products. Create some pins at the locations of interest and from the pin manager window you can zoom to them with the magnifying glass icon.

Ah, pins! I should have though of that: thanks!