Spatial resolution of pixel

Please How to view the Spatial resolution of the pixel in SNAP ? I’m a new Snap user.

generally, this information is written somewhere in the metadata, but its exact location depends on the data you are using?
What product are you working with?

I use Sentinel 2 L2A which I obtained after correction of Sentinel L1C

This page describes the spatial resolution of each band

I am currently not on a computer with S2 images, but there should be also the metadata information on each band somewhere. You can search the metadata for names and values by right-clicking on it.


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Thank you very much Your help is very precious.

Another place, more general, but also not always available is the Geo-coding information window. Only for projected scenes.
At Analysis -> Geo-Coding or the Phi-Lambda icon in the menu bar.

Or you can measure it. Zoom in into the image that you have big pixels and then use the Range Finder Tool

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one question, you choose [elt_0_0,10], so why you did not chose [elt_0_2 or [elt_1_1 or others?
Thanks in advance.

The elt__ values are values of the matrix of the affine transformation which defines the UTM projection in this case.
elt_0_0 is the scaling in x direction and elt_1_1 tis the scaling in y direction.
You can check this wikipedia article:

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