Spatial subset problem when using S2 all resolutions


I am trying to create a spatial subset. While it works perfect when using any of the 10, 20 or 60 m resolutions, when using all resolutions (all bands) then it fails to identify the subset to the right location. In fact it identifies the subset somewhere outside of the image, as shown in screenshot.

Any idea? I did not try yet for other images though.

kind regards,

This is one of the major issue we are still dealing with and the main reason why we still release beta versions and haven’t released the final one. We are still having some problems when there are multiple resolutions in a single product. But we are working on it.
In the current beta the best way to have all bands in one product is to open it three times on the three different resolutions and collocate them afterwards.


Thanks for the info Marco!

Sure I understand. Great that you are working on it! Please let us know when the issue is fixed.

Grtz. J.