Spectral unmixing in SNAP


I’ve tried to load a .TIF file containing raster data of all Sentinel-2 bands as source product in the Spectral Unmixing tool in SNAP. I’ve created this .TIF file in Arcmap. However, the program does not seem to read the file correctly as the names of the different bands do not appear in the ‘Parameters: spectral source bands’ window.

I cannot find any further documentation on what the source product should consist of/ look like?

The bands need to have wavelength information. The GeoTiff format has no means to specify this.
You can edit your file in SNAP before you use the Spectral Unmixing.
Right click on each band and set the Spectral Wavelength in nanometers.
Optionally also the Spectral Bandwidth.
Afterwards the bands should show up in the Spectral Unmixing tool.

Ok, thank you very much for the quick reply, it worked.