Spectrum View not working

I have SNAP (same versions) installed in two computers.
In one computer (Windows 7, 64 bit) the spectrum view isn’t working. Even after re-installing it.
Any idea what is wrong with it?
(tried different files from different sources)

(Any other info I need to give to see potential source of problem)?

Forgot to add, that it shows the sentence ‘collecting spatial data’ - or something like this similar, but it is not.

Your working with Sentinel-2 data? Has one of the computers less memory?
Maybe if you wait a while and don’t move the mouse while then you might see a spectrum.

I cannot check now, but it might be as you said a problem of memory.
In two computers that I use, the spectrum view works, but in that one, not even waiting hours anything appears.

thank you @marpet

Hi there !

I dig up this old topic because I have the same problem. I’m working with a good computer and on a subset and I still don’t have any graph on the Spectrum View window :

I have enough space on my hard disc (more than 30 Go) and Snap is configured to go up to 11 Go of RAM as you can see below :

Any idea to solve that ?

Thanks in advance ! :smiley:


Have you saved your subset to disk? This might help. Even this not a fix, it might help for now.
Somehow, the S2 data slows down the spectrum view.

I’ve tried just before and nothing changed. I wait for 5 min on a pixel but there is still the message.

Have you tried placing a pin at a random pixel and use it instead of the one clicked on by the cursor?

Unfortunatly yes and it doesn’t work. I tried all the base manipulations and nothing works.

Same issue for me and a colleague,
both on SNAP 6 pre-release and SNAP 5, windows 10
16Go RAM
plenty HDD space
on a very small subset

Thank you

Is there any solution to the above-mentioned problem? I tried all the ways suggested above but none of them is functioning.

You are also using Sentinel-2? Do you use the latest SNAP? What are the specs of you PC?

For me it works after waiting ~10 seconds. With a rather old PC (Intel I7 and 16 GB Memory).

No, the data I am using is acquired using airborne sensors. Nonetheless, I abled to get the spectrum view.

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Good that you have managed it. Probably you had to add the wavelength information to the bands, right?

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Yes, exactly.