SPI not found for operator 'Azimuth-Shift'

I was trying to use graph builder to perform the Azimuth-Shift and Range-shift after geo-coding SAR image pair. But i could not find the Azimuth-shift and range-shift operator. I am using SNAP 4.0. Then I loaded graph downloaded from the forum which contained the Azimuth-Shift operator but got the error saying “SPI not found for operator ‘azimuth-shift’” and “SPI not found for operator ‘range-shift’”. I do not find the operator when I try to search it in the SNAP toolbox as well.


To which graph are you referring?
Instead of ‘azimuth-shift’ and ‘range-shift’ there are AzimuthFilter and RangeFilter.

Actually the graph I downloaded was from almost a year ago (china.xml (8.7 KB)
S1-Graph.xml (10.5 KB)

I did find Azimuth Filter and Range Filter tools. Now I am wondering are these same tool (i.e. azimuth-shift with Azimuth Filter and range-shift with Range Filter)

From looking at the parameters I think they are not the same. So I also wonder where the shift operators are gone.

Replace Azimuth Shift and Range Shift with the ‘Enhanced Spectral Diversity’ operator. It does both range and azimuth in one.

Thank you very much. It clarifies my doubt.