Split the product resulting from the "S1 TOPS Coregistration"

How can I split the product resulting from the “S1 TOPS Coregistration” in two different products.
I’m asking this because I need to use the coregistrated slave image in another processing.

Thanks for your support!

By splitting, I assume you mean to separate slave bands from master bands. If this is what you want, you can make a copy of the product, open the product in the toolbox, delete master bands and save the product.

Hi junlu,
thanks for the tip but that approach is not a good idea because it creates a problem with the metadata.
I already tried it and the result is a product with the bands from an image (slave) and the metadata from another image (master).

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After co-registration, the slave image has been mapped to the master frame and that’s why the metadata is from master product. However, some information from the slave metadata are still kept in Slave_Metadata in the metadata of the co-registered product.

There is also the Stack Split operator. After you coregister, you are moving slave images into the space of the master image. This means metadata including the geometry should be coming only from the master.

  1. Iveci, I also tried that and when I did it I got an error pop-up with this message: “[csvString] is an empty string”

  2. I have 3 sentinel-1 SAR images: s1, s2, s3. I want to coregistrate s2 and s3 with s1. Than I want to compute the interferograms: I12, I13 and I23.
    Is it possible to do this on SNAP?

PS: I’m using SNAP beta08 on Linux.

If I use stack split I can’t produce interferograms from the files it created.