SplitStack Tool

Hi I have used the Radar -> Corregistration -> CreateStack tool to stack 36 S-1 image subsets. Now, I would like to split the stack again but the Split Stack tool tells me that only corregistered stack can be used as input. Is this the case? Why? Is there any way how to split this stack in SNAP and keep the band names? I would be grateful for any ideas. Thanks

Did you save your stack in BEAM DIMAP format?

Yes, I have. Now I have used the Corregistration tool to create the stack and then the SplitStack tool works. But the corregistration takes much longer and I don’t need it.

hm, in this case it is probably just a metadata-issue. I see that if your data is already ready to be stacked that coregistration is quite unnecessary.
I wondered what’s the point in stacking and splitting again. Does your full stack change? Otherwise you could simply create a band subset containing the rasters you need.

I processed the data using batch but then I needed to have them resampled to the same grid and then saved as separate tiff files for further processing outside SNAP. Maybe there is a better way to do this?

Is it an option to run the resampling in batch mode with always using the same product as a reference? You would get all rasters in same coordinate and pixel dimensions without having to build a stack first.

I agree that is an option. I have found the solution using the corregistration, but think it would be nice to fix the SplitStack tool for in the future. It is even placed in the Stack tools folder yet it can not be applied to stacked products. Anyway, thank you for your response and suggestions. :slight_smile: