Square patch in C2RCC processed S2 MSI Image

Hi, I am processing 2017 S2 1C product using C2RCC to derived the chl-a and tsm concentration in water. The result shows a huge patch on the image but there is no visible patch on the satellite image itself as shown in the picture below. Does anyone know what caused this and how to solve it? this is the only image with no cloud cover in our chosen time frame so this is the only satellite image that we are working on. thank you!

That’s strange.
Can you send me the exact name of the product, please?
It seems that there is a little spot with different values.
Maybe there is a reason for this.
Did you have a look at the c2rcc_flags?
They can often tell why something is not working as expected.

here is the product name S2A_MSIL1C_20170301T022321_N0204_R103_T51PUP_20170301T022319. So far I still have no idea what’s causing this but I’ll try checking the c2rcc_flags, thank you!

Now I know the reason.
You have used the generic resampling tool.
This one does not consider the special viewing geometries of Sentinel-2.
It is better to use the S2Resampling. Can be found in Optical / Geometric / S2 Resampling Processor

It worked! Thank you so much!

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