SRTM 3 sec problem?

Hi, I’m currently working on the SAR products, so there are many occasions when I need to use SRTM DEMs. However, the SRTM 3sec seems not to work properly. If I want to write some products with the SRTM 3sec, the SNAP software stops working. SRTM 1-sec works fine so the problem is not so bad for me… Is this a general problem with the current SNAP version? The image shows the sea-masking process dialog using SRTM 3 sec. The process completely stops at this stage.

My environments are;
CPU: Intel Core i7 9th Gen
Memory: 8GB RAM
SNAP: version 8.0.0

Please update the source for SRTM 3Sec data as suggested here: A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

We discussed this here, so I’m closing the topic. SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

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