SRTM3sec in IdePix

I wanted to try the IdePix for S-2 but the digital elevation model SRTM 3sec doesn’t work for our high latitudes. I couldn’t see how to choose another other than just write a name of a DEM. Are there any other DEMs included in Snap, it doesn’t seem to. But if so were do I see them, and if not, how do I reach them in Snap? I tried to choose Aster but I guess that is not enough just to write a name of DEM.

You can import different DEMs under File/Import, I saw that after writing this post.

I managed to find Aster DEM data on USGS pages, but Aster only cover some regions so I think some areas will not be covered.

Does that mean I can’t run IdePix for my area then?

could you elaborate on it a bit, please?

You have an overview at Raster->DEM Tools->Add Elevation Band .
You can already add the elevation band there, the S2 Idepix will recognize it if it is named ‘elevation’.

as i, coincidentially, just read that (here):

  • The 90-metre DEM generated using TanDEM-X data is now available free of charge for scientific data use
    While access to the 12- and 30-metre elevation models is subject to restrictions due to the potential for commercial exploitation, and thus requires a scientific proposal, the 90-metre DEM is now available on a DLR server and can be downloaded free of charge for scientific data use.

90m is equivalent to 3 arcsecs.

for the northern hemisphere, also the ArcticDEM could be of interest.

Thanks! But the area I’m processing is not covered by the DEMs in the list I think. I downloaded the TandemX for preferred regions as suggested above, but I don’t see a way to import the DEMs files into Snap.

I’m wrong, Aster is global so I can use this.

where is your case study? Lat and Lon?
SRTM cover area between 60 ° to North and 58° South latitudes

Yes, I know. My area is north of 60 degrees north. First I thought Aster didn’t cover all regions, but it is global so the answer to my question should be use the Aster DEM.