Stack Overview / Master Image Selection

Radar/Interferometric/InSAR Stack Overview

When i send my images to Stack Overview and Optimal InSAR Master Selection window and then press the Overview button, the master image automatically selected.

Does SNAP use an algorithm when selecting the master image? Or is the master image selected at random?

Thank you.

How to copy the overview table into excel. Stack overview and optimal Insar master selection can’t be done from either gpt or snappy? The GUI is allowing to copy the data.

I’d like to raise this question again. Is there a chance to export the stack overview information somehow?


I tried but didn’t successful. And still, I wonder how the master image is selected in InSAR Stack Overview window?

the second point is described in the documentation

Actually, I am not asking this. I used 24 images and selected a master image. When I click add open and after overview, SNAP choose another master image. But I want to select my choice.

Or how can I calculate (with program or web site) Bberp, Btemp, modeled cohorence, delta fdc… in according to my master image?

I just raised it because I wanted to know :slight_smile:

You could run the Back Geocoding with your images (considerably faster than coregistration) and open the InSAR Stack Overview.
I don’t know if there is a way to calculate it with a user-defined master.

Hi, i put 80 images S1A in the Stack overview. It select 20170429 as master. I have used another sofware with same dataset. The software applied orbit first to all images. Then it select 20161112 as master. Is it because of the orbit or different software have different ways to decide the master?

Hi, ABraun.The values given in the first equation,are typical for ERS and Envisat.I want to kown the values of Sentinel1.Can you give me a good idea? Thanks

I don’t know to what extent these values would differ for Sentinel-1 to be honest.

Hi, anybody know how to conduct the “Stack Overview” from gpt.bat? Thanks.