Stack very long


I want to concatenate S1 images covering the same area at diffrent dates (6 dates, spring 2019) in order to apply a multi-temporal speckle filter. I have launched the “Create Stack” command but it’s very long. It is only 40% achieved whereas it has been running for almost 24h. Is that normal?

Are you using entire GRD products or subsets?
Did you terrain correct the data first?

I am using entire GRD products and yes I applied a terrain correction first.

has this process been quicker in the past or is this your first experience with it?

If all data is already terrain corrected, the only computational aspect is the resampling of all slave product according to the selected master product.
Are you writing the data on your local drive or an external one (e.g. USB connected or a network drive)?

It’s my first experience. So yes maybe I just have to wait.
It’s on an external hard drive.

this can be a reason. Each terrain corrected product can have several hundreds of mega bytes. Reading all inputs and writing all outputs takes considerably longer for external drives. Try to select your local drive as targed directory and move it to the external drive once it is processed.

Thanks. Just hope I will have enough space on my local drive.