Stacking mosaicked S1A GRD sigma0 dB bands error: Undefined symbol_Sigma0_dB_count

How do I get the backscatter values back?

Im getting “Undefined symbol Sigma0_VH_dB_count” error from my stacked images that have been mosaicked.
The mosaicing part gave me 2 bands per image: (1)Sigma0_VH_dB and (2)Sigma0_VH_dB_count.
Therefore, every mosaicked image gives 2 slave images containing both. I have a total of 16 dates. 10 of it have to be mosaicked. 6 of them need not be because they contain the area I need already.
After layer stacking, mosaicked images’s Sigma0_VH_dB_ band gives me the error and its Sigma0_VH_dB_count band loads, but is single-valued to 1. Before mosaicing, all images have Sigma0_VH_dB bands and contain the right values I need.



I want multi-temporal analysis of S1A GRD image so I convert to dB after preprocessing already. I do the following:
1)Apply Orbit
5)Speckle Filtering
6) Terrain Correction
7)Linear to dB
8)Mosaic images (if applicable, some images contain the boundary file alone)
9)Masking using my boundary shapefile
10)Create a Stack

I tried layer stacking 2 mosaicked images but it still give me the same error, and my backscatter values for them are ‘lost’. Or is there a basic rule that I should only convert to dB at a certain time etc.?

Thank you all! :slight_smile: