Stacking Sentinel-1 SAR images problem

Hi, all

I use the latest version of SNAP9 to stack S1 SAR images.
The steps are:

  1. apply orbit file
  2. topsar split
  3. S-1 back geocoding

But after these steps, I found there were problems in the stack:

Reference image is fine:

But the other secondary images have some problems, for example:

All the others are like this.
And I checked the output during processing:

It seems that cross-correlation is not correctly processed.

Does anyone know what happened?

I think the standard way to process is to use S-1 back geocoding with ESD. Still, your result is weird.

Is it normal?

You can use interactive PyGMTSAR (Python InSAR) to prevent such problems: GitHub - mobigroup/gmtsar: PyGMTSAR

It is not normal. There is a problem either in your graph, the input products, or your SNAP installation.

It seems that the burst range is not enough. When I increase the burst range from (2,6) to (1,9). It seems to work.

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