stamps(3,3) no points

If someone could help me it would be most appreciated.When I use stamps (3, 3), 0 PS points are selected for all paths,I think I made a mistake in the second step, but I don’t know where it is. Who can help me? Thank you!

Have you completed the mt_prep_snap step properly (before running the Matlab -StaMPS)?

I use gamma for processing, so I used Mt_ prep_ gamma

No error was reported when I was running。

I tried to change several parameters to see if the result changed, but it was the same

Better use this below StaMPS code once.
dbekaert/StaMPS: Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers (

When I do stamps (2, 2), I have PS points。

Change the snap process to gamma using the below command.

The insar_processor is gamma

I wonder if a parameter in step 3 filters out all the previous points

This forum is mainly meant for SNAP to StaMPS processing. I don’t have any idea regarding commercial software.

Thank you!