Stamps deformation rate map patch montage traces

Hello, everyone. I ran stamps(7,7) and ran ps_plot(‘v-dao’,‘a_gacos’,1,0,0,0,‘ts’) to get a deformation rate plot, where clear subsidence funnels can be observed, but patch montage traces can be clearly observed spatially, as shown by the red circles in the figure below.

Running ps_plot(‘w’) to view the interference pairs, clear patch montage traces can also be seen in red circles, as shown below.

May I ask if this issue was caused by the step 5 of patch merge and how to solve it? Thank you very much for your attention!

Hi! May I ask if this issue has been resolved by you? I’m having a similar problem. There area noticeable phase jumps in some areas

I solved this problem effectively by increasing the number of patchs in both azimuth and range in the mt_prep_snap command, but there is still an obvious blank horizontal line appearing in my interference pairs, as show in the picture, and I’m still looking for a solution, so if you have any good solutions please share them with me in a timely manner, thank you!