STAMPS: Error in overlapping pixels between patches in Azimuth

now you type “matlab” to start matlab. It will then access your working directory and let you process the different steps

and so on…

Sounds simple! Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @ABraun,
Another error occured…I opend matlab in the folder with data extracted using mt_prep_snap. Furthermore, I don’t understand the initial “warning”

This is what my folder contains

I am missing the PATCH1, PATCH2… folders here:

They are usually generated during the execution of mt_prep_snap

Mmh…do you know why that folders are mssing? For the pre-processing I used SNAP following the guide developed by Blasco and Foumelis, maybe I made some mistake during the pre-processing

it should look more or less like here:

The number of patches of course can differ according to the values you selected for mt_prep_snap

I tried with differen parameter such as:

  • mt_prep_snap [masterdate] [folder with StampExports from SNAP] 0.4 3 2 50 200
  • mt_prep_snap [masterdate] [folder with StampExports from SNAP] 0.4 1 1 50 200
    But the result doesn’t change, patch folders still missing

does the folder exported from SNAP contain four folders?

  • diff0
  • geo
  • dem
  • rslc

Yes, each folder (geo, dem…) has data inside

I am never sure if this is really required, but in all tutorials, this folder is named by the date of the master you slected

so try to rename the OUTPUTFOLDER to INSAR_yyyymmdd

where yyyy is the year mm is the month and dd is the day of the master image

then navigate to a new directory and type exactly this

/home/rus/Desktop/shared/Portofino/Ascending/RON015/INSAR_yyyymmdd/ yyyymmdd 0.4 2 2 50 200

Ok I try, thank you! Actually, I didin’t create the “OUTPUTFOLDER”, during the preprocessing I used graphs given by the “snap2stamps” package that has created automatically that folder.

In any case, I keep you informed!

That means you probably had not defined things properly.
Otherwise it creates the INSAR_yyyymmdd as @ABraun said

Your error looks to me like something with the paths. Had you compiled the src stamps folder?

Hi @mdelgado,

During StaMPS installation?

Yes. For using the mt_prep_snap you should compile the stamps src folder

Hi all,

I reinstalled StaMPS and this time mt_prep_snap has generated the missing folders. Unfortunately in matlab the error is still present…

Solved running matlab using csh

@mdelgado I have a couple of questions regarding the coreg/ifg graph in SNAP. I ran the graph several times changing manually the slave (Read 2) because when I used the BatchProcessing tool it didn’t choose the first image of the time series as the master but the second. So, the questions are:

  • Is there a way to choose the master image? I tried with the “StackOverview” but it shows me only the best master based on the algorithm.

  • Can I use the batch processing for coreg/ifg graph or picking the slaves one by one is the best way?

I hope I’ve made myself clear, Thanks in advance

the master is defined in line 9 of the file project.conf
you enter the full path to the master (you should preprocess it manually, as explained by mdelgado here) and it should end with _Split_Orb.dim

The script “” coregisters every slave product with the master.

Edit: Now I’m reading your question again and am no longer sure if you use the python scripts at all. I am not sure if the graph files of snap2stamps can be configured for batch use from within SNAP as well.

@ABraun Yes I used SNAP and the GraphBuilder