STAMPS: Error in overlapping pixels between patches in Azimuth


I’m facing this problem during the PSI processing in STAMP. The mt_prep_snap script gives me this error, can someone help me?

thank you in advance

I would recommend to run mt_prep_snap in a new folder and not in the one where the files exported from SNAP are located. This makes it hard to keep the working folder clearn.

Maybe the space in your path makes problems (between RON and 015)
Try to use a path without spaces and special characters.

Also, you usually don’t need the / after OUTPUTFOLDER

Thank you for you replay!
Now it’s running, although another error appears…

What’s gawk? Is it a shell?

have you correctly sourced the StaMPS_CONFIG file?

No, I didin’t…I do it now and I restart!

Unfortunately same scenario…

I tried also with StaMPS_CONFIG.tcsh but it gives me errors.

I have installed gawk and the error there’s no more!

you need to enter the path to your StaMPS folder in the CONF file. Your script still expects it in

which is probably not the case. Please open the config file with a text editor and adjust the folders to STAMPS, SNAPHU, TRIANGLE and MATLAB. You can leave the rest (ROI_PAC, for example), because you did the pre-processing in SNAP.

It concluded the processing. From the manual I can’t understand what I have to do now, can you help me?

now you type “matlab” to start matlab. It will then access your working directory and let you process the different steps

and so on…

Sounds simple! Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @ABraun,
Another error occured…I opend matlab in the folder with data extracted using mt_prep_snap. Furthermore, I don’t understand the initial “warning”

This is what my folder contains

I am missing the PATCH1, PATCH2… folders here:

They are usually generated during the execution of mt_prep_snap

Mmh…do you know why that folders are mssing? For the pre-processing I used SNAP following the guide developed by Blasco and Foumelis, maybe I made some mistake during the pre-processing

it should look more or less like here:

The number of patches of course can differ according to the values you selected for mt_prep_snap

I tried with differen parameter such as:

  • mt_prep_snap [masterdate] [folder with StampExports from SNAP] 0.4 3 2 50 200
  • mt_prep_snap [masterdate] [folder with StampExports from SNAP] 0.4 1 1 50 200
    But the result doesn’t change, patch folders still missing

does the folder exported from SNAP contain four folders?

  • diff0
  • geo
  • dem
  • rslc

Yes, each folder (geo, dem…) has data inside

I am never sure if this is really required, but in all tutorials, this folder is named by the date of the master you slected

so try to rename the OUTPUTFOLDER to INSAR_yyyymmdd

where yyyy is the year mm is the month and dd is the day of the master image

then navigate to a new directory and type exactly this

/home/rus/Desktop/shared/Portofino/Ascending/RON015/INSAR_yyyymmdd/ yyyymmdd 0.4 2 2 50 200