STAMPS: Error in overlapping pixels between patches in Azimuth

Ok I try, thank you! Actually, I didin’t create the “OUTPUTFOLDER”, during the preprocessing I used graphs given by the “snap2stamps” package that has created automatically that folder.

In any case, I keep you informed!

That means you probably had not defined things properly.
Otherwise it creates the INSAR_yyyymmdd as @ABraun said

Your error looks to me like something with the paths. Had you compiled the src stamps folder?

Hi @mdelgado,

During StaMPS installation?

Yes. For using the mt_prep_snap you should compile the stamps src folder

Hi all,

I reinstalled StaMPS and this time mt_prep_snap has generated the missing folders. Unfortunately in matlab the error is still present…

Solved running matlab using csh

@mdelgado I have a couple of questions regarding the coreg/ifg graph in SNAP. I ran the graph several times changing manually the slave (Read 2) because when I used the BatchProcessing tool it didn’t choose the first image of the time series as the master but the second. So, the questions are:

  • Is there a way to choose the master image? I tried with the “StackOverview” but it shows me only the best master based on the algorithm.

  • Can I use the batch processing for coreg/ifg graph or picking the slaves one by one is the best way?

I hope I’ve made myself clear, Thanks in advance

the master is defined in line 9 of the file project.conf
you enter the full path to the master (you should preprocess it manually, as explained by mdelgado here) and it should end with _Split_Orb.dim

The script “” coregisters every slave product with the master.

Edit: Now I’m reading your question again and am no longer sure if you use the python scripts at all. I am not sure if the graph files of snap2stamps can be configured for batch use from within SNAP as well.

@ABraun Yes I used SNAP and the GraphBuilder