StaMPS Export outputs incorrect file name/date

I have several Sentinel-1 SLC IW images that I’ve processed in SNAP. At the point of running the StaMPS Export I’m unable to obtain correctly named outputs for one particular interferogram-coregistered image pair; for example, the file that should be named 20190220.rslc instead is named 20190316.rslc (it is named with the date of the subsequent image, 3/16, rather than its own, 2/20). I’ve been exporting to individual folders with the intention of combining them (I’ve tried outputting all into the same folder as well but the issue persisted). The four required folders (rslc, diff0, geo, dem) are output each time, but the corresponding files do not have the correct name/date.

Could the issue be related to the fact that I’ve processed essentially by running each tool individually (that is, without the snap2stamps scripts) using the graph builder? Should I still be able to correctly export for processing with StaMPS (assuming all other processing steps were followed correctly)?

All suggestions much appreciated!

I think this depends on how the coregistration was done. Can you comment on this?
How did you manage to get a final stack of all image pairs for the StaMPS export?

I followed the steps described by Foumelis et al. (2018), “Esa snap - stamps integrated processing for sentinel-1 persistent scatterer interferometry” (Figure 1, p. 4). However, since my computer lacked the requisite memory, I had to run most of the tools individually (except for Topophase Removal and TOPSAR Deburst, which were run together in the graph builder).

Would you recommend just reprocessing the 2/20 data?
snap2stamps scripts aren’t required for using StaMPS are they?

Are the dates of other pairs correct?
No, snap2stamps is not requiered, but it helps to avoid errors during the preprocessing.
Should work with limited memory as well because all steps are executed separately, but automated.

Other dates were output correctly. It appears you were right; I just re-processed the data and the export was named correctly :expressionless:
Slightly unrelated question, but do you know if at the point when I’d combine the Stamps Export outputs, would I do so for all four folders, or only /diff0 and /rslc? In other words do the final four folders need to contain the Stamps Export output of each processed interferogram-image pair? I ask because the /geo and /dem folders only contain files for the master image.

geo and dem contain only one product, that’s fine, because they do not change over time.