STaMPS in 'step 6'

Dear all
I am using 15 SENTINEL-1 SLC products for PSinSAR. Until stAMP’s step 6 my processing was going on well. But when " step 6 - Unwrapping"- starting this type of error coming… Did anybody face same problem? Please let me know the reason of this error. Thank you all.

Index in position 1 is invalid. Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Error in uw_grid_wrapped (line 110)

Error in uw_3d (line 155)

Error in ps_unwrap (line 235)

Error in stamps (line 503)

Would you please to move your question to

please did you find the solution ?

So you’re stuck now in the unwrapping step, stamps(6,6) , is that right?

If yes, and according to my follow to your discussions in here,

and according to the suggestions of our colleague @Gijs to you in this post Source of the post you’re certain of all your input, is that right?