StaMPS installation

Hi there,
I am using windows 10 operating system. I wanna to do PSI for multi-SLC, using StaMPS. I am wondering if I can install StaMPS under widows operating? If Yes, How can I install it because I could not find the “.exe” file? If not, is there any alternative software can I use it to do the PSI workable under windows Operation?


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StaMPS is not intended for use in Windows. You can try compiling it with cygwin just as it can be done with SNAPHU but there are many ways that this can go wrong

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Thank you for your answer. i worked with SNAPHU but I do not know how to compiling StaMPS with cygwin . Do you have any guide or tutorial to do that?

unfortunately not. Didn’t get it to work on Windows by myself. Best choice is having a Linux PC for such stuff.

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Thank a lot.

It so hard to work with windows for StaMPS

Hello guys,

As far as I know, staMPS is a Matlab-based open source software to perform PSI. I do not have Matlab license on my PC but I have the free version of Matlab which is Octave.
Does anyone know if StaMPS work with Octave as well or I must have matlab installed on my PC?

Thank you

@johngan StaMPS doesn’t work with Octave unless you “translate” the code in Octave language.
I tried to do something , but I stopped myself at code relative step 3 because performace of Octave were incomparable with Matlab (in my experience, for same temporal series, step 3 with Matlab lasts 15 minutes, with Octave 2 days).
So I decided to buy Matlab license.

@annamaria thank’s for the answer.
Do you by any change know any open source software that performs PSI?


No, i’m sorry.


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oh cool. Thanks

I hope SARPROZ is not matlab bsed as StaMPS. I do not have matlab licence

Yes, you just need MCR, which is free and can get it from
you can ask a licence from SARPROZ group and they will give you as I know.

Good luck

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please help me to get Sarproz trial version.

Hi Virc_rana
You can apply for SARPROZ with the below link

Best regards


I have another question about StaMPS and Matlab.
Do you know if eventually specific Matlab toolboxes are required in order to install and use StaMPS?

Thenk you in advance

Yes, it is required and you could apply for free version one month,


Thank you for the answer!

In more detail my answer is related to the Signal Processing Matlab Toolbox.
We do not have the license for this specific toolbox and therefore I would kindly know if it is required for StaMPS