Stamps is not working

hi everyone i am new in insar issue and have some problems
i install stamps but when i run this command link_raw /source image path /process path
in terminal then it said the command not found
could you please help me

did you source StaMPS_CONFIG as described in the manual, chapter 2.1? If all paths are entered correctly, they should then be callable from any loaction.

thank you for taking time for me to reply
i setenv stamps usr/local/ software/ stamps…/bin
and set path $stamps in .cshrc file
do you want to mention this:point_up_2: to me ?

I’m not a Linux expert, but if you included the paths in the bash source, they should be callable. Did you try whereis link_raw to see if the scripts exist?

Besides that: Did you see that you can skip the steps of SLC formation and stacking ect (up to chapter 5 in the manual) by preparing the files in SNAP? Have a look here: About the STaMPS category