StaMPS time series function- units

I just want to check if anyone knows the units which are used in plotting the StaMPS time series using ps_plot(‘v-dso’,‘ts’).
The axis is labelled as LOS (mm) but when I compare those results corrected to vertical displacements with GNSS data I get this, with the blue dots representing the GNSS station and the red dots representing the PS time series.

There is clearly a scaling issue between the GNSS data and the PS data (more evident when plotted on independent axes). So I think the results from StaMPS are actually in units of radians. When I convert from radians to mm I get this.

So I’m thinking that StaMPS is actually plotting in radians, but I haven’t been able to confirm this yet from the code. I just want to check if anybody knows anything about this.

the only metric output option of StaMPS is v (as used in ps_plot). All others are in rad (w, m, u), or rad/m (d).
Which is the one you used for the plot and export?

From the manual:

'w' for wrapped phase
'w-d' for wrapped phase minus smoothed dem error
'w-o' for wrapped phase minus orbital ramps ('w-dm', 'w-do', 'w-dmo')
'p' for spatially filtered wrapped phase
'u' for unwrapped phase
'u-d' for unwrapped phase minus dem error
'u-m' for unwrapped phase minus and master AOE
'u-o' for unwrapped phase minus orbital ramps
'u-a' for unwrapped phase minus topo-correlated atmosphere 
('u-dm', 'u-do', 'u-da', 'u-dmo', 'u-dma', 'u-dms', 'u-dmao', 'u-dmos')
'usb' for unwrapped phase of small baseline ifgs 
('usb-d', 'usb-o', 'usb-a' also 'usb-do','usb-da', 'usb-dao')
'rsb' residual between unwrapped phase of sb ifgs and inverted
'd' for spatially correlated DEM error (rad/m)
'm' for AOE phase due to master
'o' for orbital ramps
's' for atmosphere and orbit error (AOE) phase due to slave
'v' mean LOS velocity (MLV) in mm/yr ('v-d', 'v-o', 'v-a', 'v-do, 
'v-da', 'v-dao')
'vs' standard deviation of MLV (mm/yr) ('vs-d', 'vs-o', also 'vs-do')
'vdrop' MLV calculated from all but current ifg (mm/yr)
'vdrop-o' (also 'vdrop-do')

Hi Andreas,
I used (‘v-dso’, ‘ts’), I also tried out just (‘v’, ‘ts’) to check if the ‘dso’ changed anything but got very similar results.


Hi Abraun,

I have completed my stamps processing (from step 1 to step 8).
Then i tried the following command
when I do this I get the following results,

After this, I click the ts plot button and then click on a point, I just get one point. But I have 94 interferograms in my processing. Following would explain how i get my results,

It would be nice if you can guide me what would be the possible reason for this problem.


looks like there is something wrong with the dates.
What is shown when you enter


When I type ps_plot(‘u’)

I get a series of images from the year 2016 to 2019.

are the dates assigned correctly in this plot?

I guess, everything is in the order.

when I do ps_plot for ‘w’ and ‘u’, i get the series of the image like this. But when I do it for v why do I get a single image ?
It would be nice if you can explain on this

that is fine, the first ones (w and u) give you a time series of images, the second (v) is the average over all images.

But the ts-plot should still work, I have never seen it.
Have you tried with other radius values and at other locations?

I did try with different radius. I did try with different locations but it did not work.
I still get a single dot instead of multiple dots. I will try it again and go through the matlab code.
Thank you for the information.


I remember a similar issue once here in this forum, but u cannot find it anymore, because the StaMPS related topics are quite large and messy.

Maybe you are more lucky and find it.

Thank you.
I get the time series for the selected point.
I am not really sure how it happened but I tried running the ps_plot function step by step and finally I got my result.

good to hear, thank you for letting us know.

Can you please guide me about this question that: what is the unit of ph_disp?
Actually I used ps_plot(‘v-do’,-1) to save it on my system. There is a .mat in it (ph_disp). I want to know it’s unit (mm/yr or …??)

These things are described in the StaMPS manual:

You also find lots of explanations in tutorials:

Hello every one. I plotted my time series on my windows system for PSI StaMPS datas using ph_uw .mat in ps_plot(‘v-do’,‘ts’,-1) , but it is noisy. What is your opinion about it? How do I fix this problem?

Hello @ABraun
I have a fairly basic question, if I want to export the permanent scatterer, what code do I need to run in what step? I can’t find it in the manual. thanks。

Depends on the format you need. I exported a kml file here: The results of Dinsar to Matlab - #2 by ABraun