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you have to differ between the trend line and the color of the points, these are two different information…

point color = mean velocity in mm/year
trend line = displacement in mm

Can I use the following .csv to get the distribution of the colored PS points according to the value of vlos mm / year?

in this post the table is explained…in short to your question, yes you can

Thank you for the guidance, finally I was able to display the results of research with QGIS.

but I want to confirm, is it true that the LOS velocity of deformation is obtained from the “velocity” column as below:


how to solve the export to csv problem in stamps4.1b version?

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as an alternative, you can use the kml export

export the kml (every 10th point)

ps plot('v-do', -1)
load ps plot v-do ph disp
ps gescatter('project velo.kml', ph disp, 10, 0.4)

Convert the kml to a shapefile
ogr2ogr velocity_clip_large.shp .\export_velocity.kml

Extract the velocity from the attribute table (QGIS statement)
to_real( replace(substr(descriptio, strpos( descriptio,'Value: ')+7,4),'<',''))


hi ABraum,so surprise to receive your reply,i mean to export to csv file but not a kml file,such as:
export_res = [lon2 lat2 disp ts];
the horzcat error occurs and my version is stamps 4.1

I don’t know how to solve the matlabl error, but if you simply want to generate a point shapefile from your results, my solution is a work-around.

and your solution can export displacement of each data?or a mean vecolity during the time

only mm/year at the point

I wander how to process terraSAR data for PS analyse

please have a look at this overview: About the StaMPS category
and also this discussion on the preparation of TerraSAR-X data for StaMPS: StaMPS-Visualizer, SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

@thho Sorry, I know you are busy but could you please help me to fix this issue?

Hi @SMJ.Mirzadeh
unfortunately I have never had this issue, but I found this Stackoverflow post

can you provide the output from

gcc --version

if < 4.9 try to upgrade and try again…but be cautious, I have not tested it.

I know that the gcc has been set to 4.7 version in my system. So, to work with this package, I must have the gcc > 4.9. Yes?

The error report points to the -fstack-protector-strong which is supported by gcc from 4.9 and later, therefor, my first solution is to upgrade gcc, yes. Since, I can not reproduce the error, I am not sure if this is the only thing what causes trouble.

Anyway, be sure about this: the app is pretty lightweight, it runs on Win or UNIX OS, R and RStudio installed. The exported csv tables from Matlab are also lightweight, therefore, before maybe destroying your stable working environment on your server, since there must be a reason for a not upgraded gcc, get your data to a laptop or Desktop pc where you install the app and you are good to go, If you have additional hardware, this would be the fastest and probably most secure solution. Again, the app was made to be somewhat portable and you do not have to have a super strong server or something, use this attribute :wink:

and in general. the error is not about a specific package its more related to how the installation process is made…can also happen for a python package

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Thank you so much for your great suggestions and hints about my system :pray: Maybe, I try to use it in another free system, which has gcc 4.9 or later.

Hi everyone,

I get an error in matlab as:

"The logical indices contain a true value outside of the array bounds"

I get this error while i try to create a csv file.

Could anyone suggest me a solution for it please @thho @ABraun

Please give a trail of this code is written by @thho

ps_plot('v-do', 'ts');
load parms.mat;
ps_plot('v-do', -1);
load ps_plot_v-do.mat;
lon2_str = cellstr(num2str(lon2));
lat2_str = cellstr(num2str(lat2));
lonlat2_str = strcat(lon2_str, lat2_str);

lonlat_str = strcat(cellstr(num2str(lonlat(:,1))), cellstr(num2str(lonlat(:,2))));
ind = ismember(lonlat_str, lonlat2_str);

This block here is really important!

disp = ph_disp(ind);
disp_ts = ph_mm(ind,:);
export_res = [lon2 lat2 disp disp_ts];

and continue with:

metarow = [ref_centre_lonlat NaN transpose(day)-1];
k = 0;
export_res = [export_res(1:k,:); metarow; export_res(k+1:end,:)];
export_res = table(export_res);

after giving this block of code i get the same error as